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European Tour: Madrid / Barcelona / Warsaw / Prague / Vienna / Budapest

At the end of August I attended the SalsaNOR 2023 Congress in Madrid with my friend Sarina. I made a lot of new friends from Europe, especially from Norway and Austria. The congress was very well organized, and the workshops and the parties were great. After the congress Marianne joined us in Barcelona and we spent an extra week with family and friends.

In October I attended the Alocubano 2023 festival in Warsaw, Poland. I had a chance to meet Yoyo Flow, one of my favorite Cuban dancers. After the congress I went on a European trip by train with my dear friend Eva to Prague, Vienna and Budapest. The four cities are beautiful, but my favorite was Prague, absolutely gorgeous.

Madrid (Rueda Congress photos by Nacho Martín Blanco and Maria Jesus Recio)


Rueda in front of La Sagrada Familia


Copernicus monument

Marie Curie monument
Yoyo Flow


Statue of Franz Kafka

Astronomical clock

Statue of King Wenceslas Riding an Upside-Down Dead Horse
I went dancing to La Bodeguita del Medio in Prague



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